Installation Headroom

10 x 8 meter
steel and aluminium

Headroom is a multi-faceted installation that focuses on the experiential understanding of space – approaching and moving through seductive and, at the same time, suppressed volumes. The narrative of the installation consists of six overlapping phases – recognition, approach, reaching, arrival, orientation, and monitoring. This configuration creates a unique script which is manifested in both architectural and sound composition. Tension, release, depth, and reflection, encountered in this spatial journey, are translated into accompanying audio installation.

Ultimate Mass Composing
The Analogy of Architectural Modulation

An architectural manifestation by itself has no dynamic fundament
It is fixed for a set of time
The observer is the opposite
Observation evolves and is therefore dynamic
The confrontation between fixed and dynamic environments generates expression
The analogical confrontation between architectural manifestation and observation generates understanding
Understanding needs therefore expression
Observation requires operative and qualitative environments to give meaning to the relatively infinite period of development